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Stadia might work on Xbox soon

On Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, one can play Google’s maligned Stadia streaming service soon using Edge browser, which will soon be upgraded to the Chromium-powered version.

Alpha Skip-Ahead group of Xbox tester can now access this Edge’s far superior version, and despite not having support for keyboard and mouse yet, it’s still an impressively more capable browser than the replaced version.

The Chromium-based updated version of Edge on Xbox has the one benefit that you’ll have the option to play Google Stadia through it. But a case is to be made that a far more tempting proposition, Microsoft, is making already its own game streaming service.

Games will run higher than 720p when playing on Stadia, and it’s the major benefit, which is the maximum resolution right now on Xbox game streaming. 1080p streaming is reportedly testing by Microsoft, but Google Stadia can give output for some titles at 4K resolution, provided you Stadia Pro payment.

 Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate receive Xbox cloud gaming access on Android devices, and via browser support, the service will be soon available for iPhones and Windows 10 PCs. This means you can soon play Microsoft’s cloud gaming service when the new version of Edge is available.

Where Stadia indeed suffers, however, is that you don’t need to buy games independently with Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming, and the library on offer is seemingly more alluring than what you’ll discover on Google’s service. Various games have also been updated to support touchscreen controls, and it simply means you will not have to interface with an Xbox controller through Bluetooth to play.